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"Maana" Centre

Psychotherapy and Counselling

A Mental Health Clinic for children, youth and adults within the mental health system at the Nazareth Hospital EMMS. The Centre was established in 2006 as a clinic to treat crises and post-traumatic stress symptoms. Today, however, it provides culturally suitable comprehensive psychological services to deal with various crises and psychological difficulties of individuals and families.

The Centre has obtained the approval of special committees of the Scientific Council for specialisation in the field of Clinical Psychology.

Treatment is provided according to the needs of the patient in different ways, including Individual Therapy, Bilateral Therapy, Couple Therapy, Family Therapy, Parents Therapy, Dyadic Therapy (parent – child)and Group Therapy.

The Centre is led by a professional team of Clinical Psychologists, a Psychiatrist, Social Workers and Art Therapists with different therapeutic approaches.

You can come directly in person or through the referral of the attending physician (a commitment to pay from the Health Funds or referral by the Social Welfare Office with their commitment to pay is required).

MS Najla Asmar

Clinical Psychologist

Services Offered

  • Treatment of Various Emotional and Developmental Difficulties, Including Depression, Anxiety and Post-Trauma Symptoms, Behavioural Problems, Life Crises, Difficulties in Relationships and Others
  • Psychological Diagnostic Services
  • Treatment Groups in Different Fields: Enhancing Self-Confidence, Developing Social Skills, Groups for Parents and Others
  • Parental Guidance
  • Individual/Group Counselling for Mental Health Professionals
  • Training and Qualification of Professionals, Including Workshops, Study Days and Courses Mental Health