Nazareth Hospital EMMS

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Social Work

Social work services are an integral part of the services offered by the hospital to patients and their families

Elia Haj

Social Worker.

Services Offered

  • Individual/Family Psycho-social Therapy for the Patient and/or His/Her Family
  • Group Counselling and Treatment
  • Developing Special Programmes and Services for the Patient and His/Her Family
  • Counselling for Illnesses That May Lead to Trauma for the Patient and His/Her Family
  • Counselling for Suicide Attempts
  • Counselling for Cases of Violence, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse and Psychological Abuse
  • Counselling Regarding Children and Preterm Infants Who Have Health Problems That May Effect Their Normal Growth
  • Counselling for Pregnant Women Who Have Complications During Pregnancy or Are Expected to Deliver Prematurely
  • Counselling in the Event of a Multi-Casualty Incident
  • Support for Cases that Require Non-Medical Information and Advice on the Services and Rights of the Injured Person

Working Hours

Mon - Fri