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Psychiatry Department

clinical services, outpatient clinics and emergency department

Dr Omaima Farhat

Ledia Deek

Ledia Deek completed her secondary education with a nurse’s certificate in 1991. She worked as a nurse in the obstetrics and gynecology emergency department at the French Hospital Saint Vincent de Paul in Nazareth. She completed her studies alongside work and moved to work for the Meuhedet Health Fund until the year 2000 when she came to the EMMS Nazareth Hospital. She holds several qualifications, including; a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, a specialization in mental health nursing, clinical counseling, and management in nursing. Nurse Ledia Deek is currently training a new generation of nurses as a clinical counselor at the nursing school and formerly she taught mental health.

Services Offered

  • clinical services
  • outpatient clinics
  • emergency department
  • Consultation for the hospital departments

Working Hours

Mon- Fri