Nazareth Hospital EMMS

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Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases Unit

Provision of Medical Consultation for Infectious Diseases and prevention of their transmission in the hospital

Dr. Mohammad Taha

Specialist in Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1986. Served as Director of the Emergency Department for 13 years. Lecturer at Nazareth School of Nursing and the Faculty of Medicine in Safed. He has published several articles and scientific research in international Journals.

Services Offered

  • Consultation for Infectious, Pollutive and Inflammatory Diseases
  • Prevents the spread of pollutive diseases in the hospital
  • Control of the use of antibiotics to reduce the transmission of bacteria resistant to antibiotics
  • Monitoring vaccination of hospital staff
  • Guiding and training of biological warfare exercises