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Neonatal Care Department

Our department for the follow-up and treatment of premature infants has received distinctions from the Israeli Health Ministry for three consecutive years

Dr. Yousef Nijim

Neonatal and Pediatric Medicine

Dr. Nijim is a physician with 26 years’ experience. He has been a Paediatrician since 1993 and has worked in Neonatal Medicine since 1998. Dr. Nijim earened his Master’s degree in Medical Facilities Management in 2018. He has led the Neonatal Care Department at the Nazareth Hospital EMMS from being ranked seventh in the International Classification of the Israeli Health Ministry to being placed second for two consecutive years.

Ikhlas Saliba Samaan

Ms. Samaan has been the Nurse in Charge of the Neonatal Care Department for 24 years. She has contributed to upgrading the department at various levels. Previously, she worked as a midwife for 8 years.

Specialist Doctors

Dr Jeries Jammlieh

Dr Amen Adawi

Services Offered

  • Small-Sized Preterm Infants Care
  • General Surgery for Preterm Infants
  • Cardiac Stress Test
  • Brain Surgery
  • Skull Expansion Surgery to allow brain room to grow

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Training Doctors: 2