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Successful Catheterisation Procedure at the Nazareth Hospital

The Nazareth Hospital recently received an urgent medical case where a patient presented with an aortic aneurysm.  The artery had swollen to three times its original size and immediate medical intervention was required.  If the artery were to burst, this would cause sudden death and the condition is widely regarded as one of the most difficult to diagnose illnesses among patients.

After performing the necessary tests, the medical team discovered the severity of the issue and developed a plan for immediate treatment.  Historically the medical team would have transferred the patient to other hospitals in the country to receive this treatment.  However, thanks to the hospital’s new state of the art catheterisation laboratory, they could treat the patient within the hospital.

This was the first time the procedure has been carried out at the Nazareth Hospital and was a complete success.  The patient, Mr Fahoum, said

“I had complete faith in the medical team.  As a Nazarene, I know we have doctors and staff in the Nazareth Hospital who excellent at what they do.”

Dr Abulful, Head of the Catheterisation Lab stated “in the past similar procedures required a prolonged healing process and would result in intensive pain in the abdominal area.  There were also potential complications such as infections, blood clots and extensive scarring.  Since opening the Catherisation Lab, we can now provide the best level of care for our cardio-vascular patients.”